$14.99 USD

Highest quality black truffles are expertly blended in this Le Ife Black Truffle Flavored light Olive Oil dressing to dispense a intense, earthy flavor. Perfect to use as a dressing or finishing oil on a variety of dishes, this flavored oil is free from preservatives and is gluten free. Easy to use as a finishing oil to dress dishes before serving

  • Light dressing with a strong scent of black truffle flavor.
  • Excellent served raw on salads, pasta, risotto, carpaccio and fillets of meat, cheese, eggs and pizza.
  • Also suggested on sushi and foie gras
  • It does not contain allergenic elements including processing products.
  • The product can be stored at temperature below 25°C away from light and heat sources and in dry place
  • Luxury garnish to upgrade any dish. Truffles are ready to use straight from the jar. Best on eggs. Suggested on top of meat, fish or pasta