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Spark emotions of love and affection with BACI PERUGINA Original Dark Chocolate Truffles. A unique harmony of luscious cocoa and hazelnuts, crowned by a crunchy whole hazelnut and covered in fine LUISA 51% dark chocolate. Each uniquely shaped BACI chocolate conceals a Love Note to inspire and express the emotion of love. It’s a simple gesture full of meaning for gifting, sharing...or simply savouring. BACI PERUGINA Original Dark Chocolate Truffles are made using a time-honoured traditional Italian recipe since 1922, from only 8 carefully selected, high quality ingredients including 100% UTZ Certified sustainable cocoa beans. BACI, for emotions as unique as you.

  • BACI PERUGINA Original Dark Truffles crowned by a whole hazelnut, covered in dark chocolate
  • Delicious chocolate truffle with a luscious cocoa and hazelnut heart
  • Unique and simple recipe wrapped in a secret Love Note hidden by a starry wrapper
  • Made with only 8 ingredients. Natural vanilla flavour
  • UTZ Certified sustainable cocoa. Gluten free and Kosher Certified
  • BACI, the iconic chocolate truffle. Crafted with love in Italy since 1922