$59.99 USD

Pan di Stelle Cream is a magical encounter between sweet cream, cocoa, hazelnuts and chopped pieces of Pan di Stelle biscuits.

  • CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SPREAD: Pan di Stelle Cream spread has a smooth texture with tiny little cookie crumbles for a little extra goodness in every bite
  • NO PALM OIL: Pan di Stelle Cream chocolate spread is made with no palm oil
  • LESS SATURATED FAT: 55% less saturated fat than the leading hazelnut spread with cocoa
  • HAZELNUT COCOA SPREAD: Enjoy chocolate spread on toast, fruit, crackers, yogurt, or a variety of recipes and desserts
  • MADE IN ITALY: Made with 100% Italian hazelnuts, dreamy cocoa, milk and Pan di Stelle biscuit crumbles