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This specially crafted extra virgin olive oil infused with flavorful high quality black summer truffles is a perfect accompaniment to drizzle over any of the favorite dishes like salads, pasta, risotto, carpaccio and fillets of meat, cheese, eggs and pizza.

  • High Quality Black Truffle infused EVOO boasts an fruity, soft and harmonious flavor
  • Flavor enhanced by the scents of the forests, true to its fungal family
  • Cold pressed EVOO perfectly fused with black truffle aroma
  • The product can be stored at temperature below 25°C away from light and heat sources and in dry place
  • Luxury Garnish to upgrade any dish. Easy to use in every recipe. Best on eggs. Suggested on top of meat, fish, pasta, soups or salads also suggested on sushi and foie gras
  • Suitable for many dietary needs: Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliacs, Halal.