$17.99 USD

Le Ife Whole Black truffle, can be used as a fresh truffle, allowing to taste the black truffle even out of season. It is exalted accompanied meats and fillets, and it is a luxurious garnish sliced or grated on tasty omelettes, salads, pizza and bruschetta

  • Carefully selected, highest quality whole truffles are preserved at the peak of the season to be a most flavorful truffle.
  • Truffles are packed without using preservatives in order to conserve their delicate taste and with no added flavors
  • Once opened, they have to be kept refrigerated (+2 °/ +6°) and away from the light well covered with the oil they are provided with, which can be used as condiment.
  • Keep it refrigerated and consume it in 7 days
  • Imported from a family owned artisanal truffle farm in Italy
  • Luxury garnish to upgrade any dish. Truffles are ready to use straight from the jar. Best on eggs. Suggested on top of meat, fish or pasta