$179.99 USD

We’ve carefully curated our largest gift basket overflowing with a wide array of items, quintessential to any home cook or food connoisseur. The selection provides plenty of possibilities to master the art of Italian cooking.

  • Large Willow Basket
  • Fusco Penne Rigate Pasta (1.1lb)
  • Fusco Fusilloni Pasta (1.1lb)
  • Dal Raccolto Linguine Pasta (1lb)
  • Colavita Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta (1lb)
  • Colavita Premium Selection EVOO (34oz)
  • Colavita Premium Italian EVOO (17oz)
  • Colavita Roasted Garlic EVOO (32oz)
  • Colavita Cabernet Wine Vinegar (17oz)
  • Colavita White Balsamic Vinegar (17oz)
  • Colavita Cannellini Beans (380gr)
  • Colavita Chick Peas (380gr)
  • Colavita Carnaroli Rice (1lb)
  • Colavita Diced Tomato (13.76oz)
  • Colavita Marinara Sauce (13.76oz)
  • Colavita Pesto Sauce in EVOO (4.76oz)
  • Colavita Artichoke Hearts in EVOO (10oz)
  • Rio Mare Tuna – 3pack (80gr each)
  • Cotton Kitchen Towel

 *Colavita Reserves the Right to Make Minor Substations of similar to greater value.