Giovanni Colavita: A Passion for the Most Famous Molisan Oil in America

Giovanni Colavita: A Passion for the Most Famous Molisan Oil in America

Giovanni Colavita, CEO of Colavita USA, acquired his love and passion for the olive oil business when he was just four years old, hand labeling bottles of oil with his grandfather in his families olive oil plant in Molise. Since then, he has moved on to dominate the North American olive oil market, with Colavita USA being the number one online brand and fifth in retail sales.  He has implemented several marketing strategies to expand the company, including the sponsorship of a professional cycling team with Bialetti, a partnership with the Culinary Institute of American, and a strong presence on social media which is run by talented graphic designers and photographers.

Colavita USA was established in 1978 by John J. Profaci, alongside Enrico Colavita, and became the first Italian brand to introduce extra virgin olive oil made in Italy to the U.S markets. Now, under Giovanni, Colavita has expanded to distribute in over 80 countries and has become a powerhouse in the online marketplace. With many other Italian brands currently in the U.S market, it is essential to stay competitive in regard to price, quality, and company transparency. Colavita has established itself as a dependable, trustworthy, and as a passionate family brand that prides itself on quality, and therefore it has been able to overcome the recent “Italian-sounding” problem and remain atop olive oil company in North America.

Giovanni fosters his passion from his children, just as his father and grandfather did. He explains that whatever route they decide on for their future, regardless if it is working in the family business or not, he wants them to do it with passion. He states that Colavita would be structurally prepared and stable in the event that the company be overseen by managers outside of the family. The factors that keep the company strong are the principles and traditions that the philosophy of Colavita are based on. The most important thing his grandfather taught him about business is that “If you lose a client due to the price of the product, you will have another possibility to gain back his trust later on, but if you lose him to the quality that falls short of his expectations, you will lose that client forever”.


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