Colavita’s New Plant in Dixon California is a New Hub for Olive Oil Export

Colavita’s New Plant in Dixon California is a New Hub for Olive Oil Export

Colavita USA has expanded and opened a brand new facility in Dixon, CA. The new facility dedicates 72,000 square to production and distribution of Colavita oils, notably their 100% California made Extra Virgin Olive Oil. California has been the expanding point for Colavita due to its diversity and its capabilities of enhancing global production through logistical efficiencies. The site completes the national platform for domestic distribution along with the ability to bottle oils from the World Collection such as oils from Italy, Greece and Spain. Dixon offers key proximity to both the olive growing regions in the Central Valley of California and the Bay Area, where the major Port of Oakland is located. Intermodal service hubs are also nearby and make it easy to transport product via rail. Colavita’s Dixon facility is also close to the UC Davis Olive Center and the Culinary Institute of America, allowing closer collaborations with both institutions.

The quickly expanding production in California is at a high value because olives don’t require much water or need much labor to harvest. Since Colavita does not own any real estate of olive trees in California they choose to partner with local California growers. This allows Colavita to utilize the expertise of selecting, blending and marketing high quality authentic olive oils to US clients while solidifying their status as a driving force in the domestic oil industry.

The new facility in Dixon is equipped with ten stainless steel 20,000 gallon capacity and six 5,000 gallon capacity storage tanks. These massive tanks are essential when it comes to blending and storing bulk oils.

The Dixon plant is highly automated and up to date in term of today’s technologies. Colavita has spent $12 million to turn the once warehouse into a processing and blending plant. The facility employs ten workers from the local community who assist with day to day operations.

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