Announcing the New Colavita/Bialetti Women's Cycling Team!

Announcing the New Colavita/Bialetti Women's Cycling Team!

Colavita has returned to professional cycling with a partnership with Bialetti. The 2018 Colavita-Bialetti woman’s team will be led by American sprinter Tina Pic in select criteriums across North America. The co-title sponsorship with the Italian coffee brand Bialetti allows Colavita to continue to support a sport that correlates to their mission of health and wellness.

Team Colavita is one of the longest-running woman’s cycling programs in the U.S capturing the attention of the media, the hearts of millions of consumers and the respect of cycling fans worldwide. For the past 15 years, Colavita has embraced the principles set by Title IX and provided opportunities for girls in both cycling and triathlon. Consistently ranked among the top 5 US teams, with nearly 30 individual victories and over 25 podium appearances to date.

Since 2003, women’s teams powered by Colavita have consistently ranked in the top 10 in the US, with #1 rankings in 2010 and 2011. At the same time, Colavita cultivated talent at the grassroots level. Team Colavita had been the largest recreational cycling organization in the US, with 14 regional teams representing over 600 amateur women, men, and youth cyclists in more than 20 states from coast to coast.

After 15 years of success, in 2017 Colavita decided to disband from the woman’s team due to lack of financial sponsorship from other sponsors. The financial burden was prompted by Colavita being the only cash sponsor for the teams for over a decade despite granting co-title sponsorships to support product sponsors.
Luckily, the stovetop coffee maker Bialetti proposed to partner with Colavita and refuel the start of the woman’s team again. Just a week later Team Colavita-Bialetti launched and is committed to growing the sport among enthusiasts and mainstream consumers passionate about healthy and active living.

The team’s leader, Tina Pic is a six-time US national criterium champion and four-time USA Cycling National Racing Calendar Points champion. She is looking to bring on several new riders while keeping the team small. The roster includes Christina Gokey-Smith and Payten Maness.

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